Smashing Saturday. Full house this Saturday as we tackled some pre Tough Mudder Training for the OCT 1 @toughmudder_id **Saturday** CrossFit/ Tough Mudder Endurance In teams of 4 complete for time: 4 min or collective dead hang from pull-up bar. 2 on 2 off. At same time 2 partners hold bottom of squat. Switch every drop. 4 min of collective deadlift hang. 100/70 At same time 2 partners handstand hold. Any drop or come down partners must switch switch. 200 collective Hollow rocks. 2 rock while other two hold plank position. 200KB Swings 24/16 (50 per partner) 1600m run plate run. 20/15 100 pull-ups (No boxes. Partner helps @crossfit @crossfittraining