Event 1 DONE ✔ . #Repost @davedriskell • • • • • Event 1 and done….🙋‍♂️😳 and how on earth did I take first place 🥇 🤔 hates swimming. Loves dead-balls ———— As most of you know I’ve been heavily on the fence as if I should do this Comp. I woke up today feeling super fresh. Chest was still a bit heavy. Ate normally. Ate hefty. Only a slight cough remained. No grossness coming up. Did some running some laps. Some movement and felt pretty ok so I decided to take on event 1. What a great first event! I severely lack in swimming prowess but I knew I could get by. This workout was won on quick and smooth transitions and fast deadballs. Luckily @rawstrengthandconditioning makes me do a lot of Dead-Balls so this part was fun. The swimming part.. ehhh. But I’ll start practicing. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Great first event at @asiachampionships Let’s see how the rest of day and my lungs hold up! Thanks to everyone who gave me heaps of advice on my health. #charlesbronzin @trueprotein @budgysmuggler @rawstrengthandconditioning @crossfitwanderlust_bali #bali #beepicgetstrong #wanderlustwods 📸 @point_n__shoot