It’s been a tough few days on the workouts at Wanderlust, so today’s workout is focused on a long active recovery: . Thursday WOD . With a running clock for 48 min: 8 min run (goal is 1600m or jog till 8mins completed) 2min overhead single arm KB/DB Walk 2min farmer carry with DB/KB 2min abmat sit-ups 2min alt spider man lunge with twist ( alternating in place) 8min row (Goal 120/ 100 cal) 2min box step ups (20 inch) 2min in and outs (onto plate slow and controlled) 2min plank 2min wall sit 8min bike (goal 100/80 cal bike) 2min dead hang 2min hip hinge 2min cossack Squats slow and controlled 2min bear crawl 🐻