Beautiful post from @ginger_living 🖤 . CrossFit has helped to evolve the modern perspective on women’s bodies. It’s aligned an acceptance of strength, focus and ability over just looks. . Not only that, how awesome does our ladies vest look with those new crossfit gains 💪🏾 . . #Repost @ginger_living with @get_repost ・・・ Our bodies are amazing things, they heal, bend, stretch and grow. But often, as women we have unrealistic expectations of what our bodies should look like. Placed on us by society but often perpetuated by ourselves. You should be skinny but not too skinny, have curves but not too many, be toned but not too muscly, be a lady but be sexy, be strong but not manly. ~~ I’ve struggled with accepting my body for as long as I can remember. I looked in the mirror and hated the way I looked. People would look at me and see a slim girl and not see the misery and guilt behind what went into staying that way. I’ve had eating disorders, Ive starved myself and trained until I nearly passed out. I’ve gone out for friends birthday dinners and gorged myself on pizza and then snuck off to throw it all up…and I’ve never admitted this in public before. ~~ But now I have reached a stage in my life where I no longer see my body only for what it looks like but what it can do. I started my Crossfit journey on this day exactly four months ago and it has changed my life. Yes, it may be a cult and yes I have to talk about Crossfit 😂 but now I can honestly say I love my body. Not because I’m skinny but because I’m strong. I not only feel comfortable in my skin for the first time ever but I have achieved so much in such a short time. My goals are no longer to lose weight or be a certain size. My goals are based on improving my strength or perfecting that tricky movement in the gym. And I’ve joined the most amazing and supportive community just to top it all off 💪 ~~ → Tell me something you love about yourself!! or tag someone and tell them something you love about them!! Let’s make this a love in ❤️ . #selflove #bodyconfidence #crossfit #crossfitgirls #crossfitbodies #strength #strong #flex #bali #canggu #wearehuman