Wanderlust Fit Foods


You train hard and push your body hard. Give it the fuel it needs and take your fitness and health to another level with the right diet from Motion Cafe.
It’s easy and convenient to eat well and eat correct here in Bali. Forget traffic. Forget going to the store.
Forget planning your meals. Forget preparing your meals. Just pick your meal plan and it’s set-it-and-forget it. Your meals will be auto-magically delivered to you – all you have to do is sit down and eat. Take a sneak peek below at the various diets that will tickle your taste buds and ultimately help you achieve your fitness and health goals. If you want more detailed information or you’re ready to get started – click on the button below and you’ll be whisked away to Motion Cafe’s site where the rest of the food magic will happen.
The Gainer menu will bring you the proper amount of complex carbs, protein and vitamins to support your training and help you reach the next level of performance. The high content of protein in this menu will enhance lean mass development and speed up your recovery. The combination of the right ingredients at the right time of the day is the key success to promote mass building without increase of body fat, providing a high energy level and supporting a fast metabolism due to the 5 intakes per day.
Full day package: 450,000 IDR
Weekly package: 2,600,000 IDR
includes 3 full meals + snack
Our Balance Menu has been created for people that are aiming for a healthy diet without any specific dietary restrictions.
The well-balanced ingredients, the variations of foods and the right balance between them, provides a healthy and clean diet with just the right amount of complex carbs, proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals.
Full day package: 400,000 IDR
Weekly package: 2,200,000 IDR
includes 3 full meals + snack
Our Shredding Menu has been specifically designed for CrossFitters who want to maximize fat burning. The very high amount of protein combined with very low complex carbs and fat will keep you away from hunger and cravings.
You will shred and lose that last layer of fat as quick and healthily as possible.
Full day package: 350,000 IDR
Weekly package: 1,900,000 IDR
includes 3 full meals + snack