Guillaume La Port

Guillaume has a broad level of expertise. He graduated at Health and sport Institute in France after years of study biomechanics, physiology and strength training methods…He has a unique approach to movement through his vast experience and history of learning various different kinds of movement forms. Passionate of Martial arts, he followed his way all around Asia to explore the path deeper from diverse angles and perspectives.
Nowadays, based in Bali as an eternal student and educator. He works as a personal health and sport educator with men and women from all walks of life, an experience from which he learned how to effectively educate every type of fitness enthusiast. A lifelong martial artist practitioner, he felt he was missing something in his training and after countless injuries from improper prep he met friends and started to train with another approach, commonly call ”movement”.
This was the missing link he had been searching for and he began to notice changes in his body that others discipline alone, could not provide. It’s where the journey begins.